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Future Railway


The FutureRailway team has been set up by the rail industry to accelerate research, development and
innovation to help ensure we can deliver the Rail Technical Strategy (RTS).
The FutureRailway programme is a collaboration between Network Rail and RSSB working with industry and the supply chain to deliver the RTS. We manage a cross industry research, development and innovation programme and incorporate the former Enabling Innovation Team.
FutureRailway helps innovators navigate the complex rail industry landscape and identify the most appropriate route to market. FutureRailway supports the rail industry and its supply chain developing long term technical strategies and delivering the research, development and innovation needed to deliver these strategies.
The focus is on de-risking business solutions and technologies by helping move them from research through prototype to demonstration and eventual implementation. FutureRailway is governed by the
Technical Strategy Leadership Group (TSLG).
c/o RSSB, Block 2 Angel Square, 1 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NY
Follow us on Twitter on @FutureRailway
FutureRailway’s work is about:


  • Supporting the rail industry’s ownership and application of the Rail Technical Strategy and the vision for the future railway through TSLG
  • Understanding the challenges industry faces
  • Supporting the development of the UK rail supply chain
  • Addressing industry challenges by seeking out innovative ideas and proposals
  • De-risking the adoption of innovative ideas and proposals through providing support for research and demonstrator projects
  • Providing advice and guidance to innovators
  • Supporting the industry in developing capabilities to innovate effectively
  • Overseeing a range of funding options and competitions for industry and innovators to access
  • Collaborating with other innovation funding bodies to make the case for the rail industry

Examples of what can we offer:

Funding: Total of £125m + Industrial Match Funding which gives approx. £240m from 2014 to 2019 to invest in cross industry research, development and innovation.

RISE (Rail Innovation Support Engine): An “always open” scheme. Recent awards include: Automated Track Inspection, Adhesion Best Practice Trial, Video Train Positioning, Automatic Vehicle Identification, Level Crossing Safety Sensors. This also now includes “expert assistance” vouchers for SMEs.

Innovators Support: Tools and guidance to innovators and help in building your capability to innovate.

Testing Vouchers: Provides subsidised access to test track facilities at Rail Alliance in Long Marston and Network Rail in High Marnham. Over 75 days of testing have been booked to date.


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